Bat/Bar Mitzvahs

Add his WOW factor to your son/daughter’s Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs and Confirmations with Magician/Illusionist Phil Smith

It’s a time of celebration as a young man or a young woman wants to remember it with fun, and excitement! A gathering event that is meant for young and old alike.

How do you offer entertainment that will delight all ages?

  • By applying years of proven sleight-of-hand expertise.
  • Customizing illusions to themes: movies, time periods, sports, mind reading, or whatever your dreams may be!
  • Producing souvenirs for your guests such as chocolates, or pens!

Your son or daughter will celebrate this once in a lifetime milestone. Why not make your occasion extraordinary and choose Phil Smith, professional magician!

Now, picture all the guests having entertainment that’s cool and hip. Phil can make a dollar appear when opening an orange or bend reality with cards!

Live demos can be arranged in the Greater Portland areas.

Imagine the celebrated being entertained as Phil awes them with “How’d he do that” magic!!!