Maine magician

Virtual Gatherings for Families & Friends

It’s 2021 Yay!  How did you like my trick of making 2020 disappear:)    We do not know how long till things go back to normal (or the new normal)?    For a while zoom, google meets, etc.… are here to keep us connecting and communicating together.    The challenge is making the get togethers interesting again over […]

Magic Camp for budding magicians!

What child has not been fascinated with magic; from a coin being pulled from their ear, to learning their very own card trick. Magic had been a secretive art passed down from pro to practitioner for over 100 years. When I was growing up a magazine became available on the newsstand called ‘ the Magic […]

Blue & Gold Banquet Magic

Jan-March is the time of the year that cub scouts, Webelo’s, & boy scouts all celebrate and hold their award banquet know as a Blue & Gold Banquet. The challenge pack leaders run into is how to keep 25-50 scouts and their families all entertained and engaged? A magician is the perfect choice to help […]

Wedding Cocktail hours -Magical entertainment

Adding something extra special to your wedding reception to keep everyone happy doesn’t have to stress you out. A free happy hour of drinks is a good start, but what about those friends and relatives that don’t drink? Hiring a wedding magician is a great way to add a unique and fun spin to your […]

Magic Camp for kids

Magic…One of the oldest art forms in the world.     The more years of practice the more experience and growth tend to fall hand in hand.  Children have the ability to absorb information like a sponge.  So the earlier someone learns an art the more likely they will succeed and maybe even excel at the craft! […]

A magical cocktail hour for your wedding!

Wow, your special day is coming up and you want to add something unique and exciting to the cocktail hour.   Just imagine as your guests are laughing, shaking their heads in disbelief, and even clapping as a magician works the cocktail reception hours for your Wedding reception! A wedding magician can really add to the […]

school fairs and festivals

Schools are starting up all over New England and fall fairs and festivals are on the way.   PTO’s are planning harvest festivals and Halloween fairs to kick off the beginning of school’s first trimester.  Lining up parent volunteer’s for baked goods, running the games and making the cotton candy are all part of making sure students […]

Magic camp- wizard’s daily routine

Imagine a room full of young magic camp wizard’s all ready to start their journey into the world of make believe! Well as young kids isn’t that what it’s all about at those ages… imagination, creativity, problem solving, etc! As children we do it as we play and magic camp is all about learning life […]

Wizard’s Workshop- a magic camp for children

Are you looking for a fun camp for your child(ren) this summer?  Wizard’s Workshop might just be what Harry Potter would order ! As parents we are always looking for fun and educational activities to keep our children happy and furthering their knowledge in safe environments.  Wizard’s Workshop is the kind of summer camp I […]

High School -After Graduation parties in New England

It’s getting closer to graduation for seniors…thinking about proms, caps and gowns, and after graduation parties called Project Graduation.  These are amazing celebrations set up by parents to keep their children safe (it’s a chem free party.) Interactive entertainment like a hypnotist or a roaming magician are almost always the top 2 requested and loved […]