Birthday Parties

Hire Magician Phil Smith for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

When you want your birthday party to come off without a hitch…you need someone who is…

Unique –customized to your event.

Fun – Phil puts the fun in functions!

Professional -35 years of experience means consistently the highest quality every time!

Dependable (even better than the mailman-neither sleet, nor snow, nor rain, and even Sundays!)

Provides Exciting Programs– from birthday parties, blue & gold banquets, school events, sporting events.

Your answer to all this is ‘Abracadabra Productions’ and the ‘Phil Smith Experience!’

Phil has been delighting children for over 35 years with comedy, juggling, audience participation, storytelling, sleight-of-hand, character work, balloon animals, and the magical production of a rabbit.

Birthdays- over 4,000 birthdays performed!!!

Your child is most likely to only have a magician once in their life…make it an unforgettable experience with Abracadabra Productions. Mr. Smith has two shows for parents and birthday children to choose from to make their day even more magical.

Standard show—

45-minutes of magic, comedy, juggling, balloon animals, storytelling, the birthday child becomes the star, and the magical production of a live rabbit!

Deluxe Show—

The same fabulous 45-min. show plus an additional 15-min. of magic lessons! I teach them a magic trick and then they come up and ‘ham it up’ and I give them some pointers to make their performances even stronger.

Hire Phil Smith for your next adult birthday party!

Happy Birthday Party Goers