Preschool Entertainment

Phil Smith, Professional Magician for Day Cares & Pre-schools

How do you keep 8 to 108 children smiling, laughing, and attentive? The answer is easy . . . just hire Maine’s favorite children’s magician, Phil Smith. Phil has been dazzling 3 to 5 year olds for 25 years now from Maine to New Hampshire. Phil customizes two programs each year; a fall Thanksgiving program and a spring Easter program.

Hire Phil Smith for your Preschool Entertainment!

  • Thanksgiving- 30-minutes of magic, comedy, audience participation, fun interactive segments for the whole group, music, and sometimes juggling.
  • Easter- 30-min. of magic, music, audience participation, storytelling, and the magical production a live Peter cottontail!
  • In addition, Mr. Smith is often called in for end of the year graduation celebrations (which are more extravagant and worth every smile on their faces!)

Excited Kiddos