Phil was scheduled to amaze and amuse myself and the other men in our separate area upstairs, which he did easily while mingling in and adding to the conversations. In addition, he made a special appearance for my wife and her friends. They were charmed and dazzled by his presentations and sleight-of-hand miracles. Miracles are an accurate way of describing the impact you deliver. I highly recommend any couple looking for a unique and exciting way to add to their parties, whether individual or joint ‘Jack & Jill’ celebrations, make the right choice and hire the Phil Smith Experience!!

Mark Vaillancourt
The Jack & Jill Party

We’ve heard raves from friends and family about your talent, personality, and charm. We especially appreciate that you made time to do a special trick for us…that was a nice touch. We certainly will recommend you to people in the future.

Randy Smith

The bride to be and all the girls absolutely loved it. They would not stop raving about how great of an idea it was for you to perform and how amazing your tricks were. Thank you for putting most of the attention on the bride to be and getting everyone involved and participating with you. Thanks for giving me such a great gift to give my best friend!

Jennifer Langley
The Bachelorette Party

Your non-invasive, carefree, relaxed style helped our guests relax, laugh, have loads of fun, and get into the spirit of the evening. You certainly added a unique touch, making the evening even more enchanting. Our guests truly enjoyed themselves and we’re still getting comments on your performance!

Dawn & Jim Kavanagh

As mentioned, we wanted to have a “special” evening for everyone, including the kids. I was impressed by the way you involved all the children—the pictures from the wedding capture their amazement and sheer joy, and for that I am very grateful

Laura Masailo Connors