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Hire A Magician for your Wedding?

♦ Your Magical Day. You want everything perfect for your reception . . . the wedding and reception site(s) are chosen, the flowers are beautifully arranged, the groom is present, and to complete the perfect picture . . . the magic of Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions.

What? Magic at my wedding event? What a Wedding Day Idea, huh?

Phil will dazzle and enchant your guests with sleight-of-hand while you take your time getting the bridal party photos just right.

“We knew we wanted to have something different that would serve as a reminder of our celebration.  I would highly recommend you to other couples that want to make their reception an especially memorable occasion!  People aren’t likely to remember the quality of the food, or if there was an open bar, but the performance of a professional magician will be a lasting memory for many of our guests!”
—Gil and Carolyn Lajeunesse

♠ Phil can turn the wait for the new couple to do their rounds into an enjoyable and memorble time for everyone.

“The guests were enthralled and delighted.  We received many favorable comments.  I would heartily endorse your entertainment to anyone who is looking for that ‘something different’ aspect.”
—Michael, Owner, Lake House in Waterford, Maine

♥ In fact, guests arriving in the reception room will witness the happy smiling faces that have already been made to feel the delights of Phil’s specially tailored magic. Even the lonely folks in the outside circles will be touched.

“You were indeed “magical” at our island wedding. We had great comments from all of our guests and loved the way you fit in at the reception.  You have a very subtle effect that made everyone feel comfortable and social all at once.  I highly recommend you for weddings.”
—Jennifer & Patrick Wright

♣ Phil blends into your functions based on your needs.  Sophisticated and low key, or festive and spectacular!

“Your non-invasive, carefree, relaxed style helped our guests relax, laugh, have loads of fun, and get into the spirit of the evening.  You certainly added a unique touch, making the evening even more enchanting.  Our guests truly enjoyed themselves and we’re still getting comments on your performance!”
—Dawn & Jim Kavanagh

“As mentioned, we wanted to have a “special” evening for everyone, including the kids.  I was impressed by the way you involved all the children—the pictures from the wedding capture their amazement and sheer joy, and for that I am very grateful!”
—Laura Masailo Connors

♦ What else can Phil do for us?  Special requests include:

  • Sawing the Groom or best man in half.  We can always cut the Best Man in half.  No, need to cut the Groom; we already know that his lovely bride is the better half.
  • A magical toast.  (Not the official one.)
  • Illusions can be customized to wedding props- bells, game shows with fun facts about the bride and groom.
  • Special mementos/gifts delivered in a magical way to friends and family.  (Chocolates, candies, flowers, etc…)
  • A special program designed to dazzle the children and make the stress disappear from you and all your guests knowing the children are being treated to fun, comedy, juggling, balloon animals, and magic entertainment.

Phil has been enchanting and delivering phenomenal magic entertainment for over 35 years.  You’re in good hands…Phil will keep everyone in a ‘fun frame of mind’ until you both arrive and keep the focus on you while mingling and entertaining for hours. The focus is always kept on the Bride and Groom.

“We’ve heard raves from friends and family about your talent, personality, and charm.  We especially appreciate that you made time to do a special trick for us…that was a nice touch.  We certainly will recommend you to people in the future.”
—Randy Smith

The Bachelorette Party

“The bride to be and all the girls absolutely loved it.  They would not stop raving about how great of an idea it was for you to perform and how amazing your tricks were.  Thank you for putting most of the attention on the bride to be and getting everyone involved and participating with you.  Thanks for giving me such a great gift to give my best friend!”
—Jennifer Langley

The Jack & Jill Party

“Phil was scheduled to amaze and amuse myself and the other men in our separate area upstairs, which he did easily while mingling in and adding to the conversations.  In addition, he made a special appearance for my wife and her friends.  They were charmed and dazzled by his presentations and sleight-of-hand miracles.  Miracles are an accurate way of describing the impact you deliver.  I highly recommend any couple looking for a unique and exciting way to add to their parties, whether individual or joint ‘Jack & Jill’ celebrations, make the right choice and hire the Phil Smith Experience!!”
—Mark Vaillancourt

“We are writing to tell you of the wonderful response and praise you have received from your strolling performance at the cocktail hour of our wedding…Your services were that something special and actually went way beyond our expectations.  Reports were that your performance was spellbinding and mesmerizing.  It made us feel good to know that our wedding will be remembered and talked about for a long time to come as a result of your services.  The only thing we would change about your show is that we would have contracted you for a longer period of time!”
—Dean & Kim Walker

♠ Engagements Do you need help planning your future?  You want to make it special, a night she or he will never forget . . . let Abracadabra Productions make it a night they will remember for a lifetime! Phil will help you plan your special moment; whether in a restaurant setting, a private dinner for two, a picnic, while doing other activities; such as skiing, visiting up at the lake, your imagination is the limit.

Phil can make your ring appear in a crackerjack box, in a piñata, or other objects that transform into your special gift!
Email or call now to turn your wedding event into an something extraordinary!! or  797-7800/1-800-964-(TRIX) 8749.
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