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Magic Camp for budding magicians!

What child has not been fascinated with magic; from a coin being pulled from their ear, to learning their very own card trick. Magic had been a secretive art passed down from pro to practitioner for over 100 years. When I was growing up a magazine became available on the newsstand called ‘ the Magic Magazine.’ I remember hearing pros where so against the magazine because allow with great articles, advice, it introduced newer magicians like myself to some really great magic tricks to learn.

Learning any art form can be challenging especially without a mentor/teacher. That is where I have been stepping into those shoes to teach and pass on good advice to budding magicians. More than 30 years now I have been teaching ‘the Art of Magic’ to children at Park & Rec. programs, Jewish Community Centers, a Festival of Creative Youth, and for the past 16 years ‘Wizard’s Workshop’ which both myself and Bernard Blais co-founded.

Learning magic can come from a book, YOUTUBE, another peer, but the most effective way is to have a teacher/instructor like myself that has studied it for so many years and has taught magic lessons and workshops to thousands of children. I know how to encourage students to grow, to achieve even more than they thought they could do, and what to work on to improve the illusions they are practicing!

At Wizard’s Workshop I help beginners, and intermediate young magicians grown in their skills. Those with some more advanced sleight-of-hand I might have them focus on adding an engaging story, speak louder via theater exercises, and for those beginning magic opens up a whole new world of fun and friends!

Magic camp for kids

To join Wizard’s Workshop 2020 … visit and go to ‘Just for kids’ drop down menu and visit and register your child/grand child.

Magic Camp for kids

Magic…One of the oldest art forms in the world.     The more years of practice the more experience and growth tend to fall hand in hand.  Children have the ability to absorb information like a sponge.  So the earlier someone learns an art the more likely they will succeed and maybe even excel at the craft!

I know when I was first introduced to the art of magic at the age of 10 with a magic kit from Marshall Brodien I was thrilled with the notion of learning something so special from another magician although, via instruction booklet & TV ads.   I wished there were other magicians to talk to and work with as a budding magician:)

Magic camp for kids

Learning magic has never been more fun!

“Great summer camp that my son requests to go to year after year. Phil is very attentive and good with him and the other kids. They put on an amazing show at the end of the week. It is interesting to see each kids twist on similar tricks. “

40 years later and now there is… Wizard’s Workshop (Magic Camp) for children 6-15.   This is the 16th year of running Wizard’s Workshop a 1 week camp for kids to learn the art of magic.  

Learning magic through a trained master/instructor of magic is the perfect way to not learn bad habits on certain techniques, being made aware of potential angle issues if people are in a certain area, and the list of benefits goes on and on.

Wizard’s Workshop will be held in Portland the week of July 15th-19th, 2019.   Learning times are 8:30am-4pm.   The best part is your child, grandchild, niece/nephew; neighbor will put on a show on Friday to showcase their talents and how much they have learned!   

The rehearsal for the show starts on Friday morning , but the preparation is all week as your child is taught theater skills to help with voice, storytelling, public speaking, problem solving all while learning the art of magic through fun interactive performances, group sessions, creativity exercises, and other skills to aid in their learning and showcase performance.

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Magic camp- wizard’s daily routine

Imagine a room full of young magic camp wizard’s all ready to start their journey into the world of make believe! Well as young kids isn’t that what it’s all about at those ages… imagination, creativity, problem solving, etc! As children we do it as we play and magic camp is all about learning life skills while playing!!

A booklet of secrets is passed to all the young wizards and the excitement in the room is electrifying. I hear the students say, “look some of the tricks involve cards, of and this one includes magic with a finger ring.” I do a joint performance and mini lecture on an important topic of the day like direction and misdirection!

Several fun illusions will happen during each day and I will play games like who can sneak the paper ball into the waste can without us seeing it:) That is fun and challenging as everyone is watching but it teaches us all about eye contact and directing attention. More fun ensues as more tricks and lessons are enjoyed. As the saying goes.. time flies while you are having fun:)
For more info or to sign your children up for magic camp go to:

Wizard’s Workshop- a magic camp for children

Are you looking for a fun camp for your child(ren) this summer?  Wizard’s Workshop might just be what Harry Potter would order ! As parents we are always looking for fun and educational activities to keep our children happy and furthering their knowledge in safe environments.  Wizard’s Workshop is the kind of summer camp I wish I had as a younger child to learn the skills of a young Harry Potter:)    A modern day Hogwarts to learn creativity, problem solving (how do I hide the secret move and make the illusion look real), increasing public speaking skills (part of the skills needed to stand up in front of an audience and not faint includes courage and a safe environment to make mistakes and try again.)

The ‘art of magic’ can help young minds meet new friends (who doesn’t want to hang out with someone who knows how to do some magic tricks?!!)  Enhance a student’s crafting/creativity talents to build unique items that make something look like magic.  If you want a fun and engaging day camp for 1 week in July come visit relatives in Maine and let your child experience the wonder of Wizard’s Workshop:))   For more info or to register


Mentors- how important they are for students/ children

What is a mentor and why are they important?   In a world where children and adults are YouTube instructions, it’s a great starting point.  However, it’s just that a starting point.   When trying to learn magic tricks… you can watch and emulate another YouTube magician/trick, but you may be learning bad habits that are tough to shake off.

A mentor/expert (think of Professor Albus Dumbledore for Harry Potter) teaches the student timing, pacing, angles, and a multitude of other super important elements to make a magic trick work correctly when performing for an audience.

Someone to point out that the affect will be stronger if they slow down the pacing of an illusion can really add to the impact of the magic results!  Magic is a performing art, so having a keen eye watching and suggesting what you are doing right and encourages those strengths and then pointing out areas that need more of their time and attention is super valuable.

I teach a magic camp in Portland, Maine, but have students from all over come to join in the fun, from beginners of all ages (6-16) to those who have experience and skill but learn valuable lessons that you can’t find in a YouTube video:)   Personal instruction is still the best way to learn a skill, art, or hobby.

Call or e-mail for more info at (207) 797-7800 or  

A camp that is ‘Magic’ in Maine

Bernard and I have run ‘Wizard’s Workshop coming up on our 8th year… Since the very 1st year we have helped children with physical or mental challeges shine thru the ‘art of magic!’
Sometimes, it’s coming up with different secret techniques (Hidden moves) that are more manageable for different students. Other times it’s been teaching it in many different ways to get the point across.
And even just refocusing those students on their favorite magic illusions from an earlier session.
Each child is different in skill, creativity, and execution during a performance. That’s the magic of kids…you never know what the outcome will be till it’s over…some students that were focused, but shy become hams during the show for their parents. Others might run into a minor challenge and because it hadn’t happened in practice or rehearsals it can be very unnerving. But when the individual performances are completed and the show is over their new skills in public speaking have become sharper, confidence is gained, and the smiles on their parents faces say it all…Now that’s magic!

Magic Camp for kids

Learning the ‘Art of Magic’ can be tricky business. In the past, learning the secrets of magic could only be learned through the passing of knowledge from one magician to another. Often, we learn thru books sometimes the internet, but the absolute best way has always been thru a professional magician.

Why reading a book or watching a computer screen only goes so far..there is no feedback.

A magic camp is a wonderful place to learn, grown, get advice, see peers practicing, struggling with similar challenges, and succeeding after practice! I teach illusions that are visual, magic tricks that include mind reading (watch out parents, ha,ha), magic card tricks, coin illusions, and many more surprises! By the end of 1 week they are ready to put on a small show for parents, siblings, and relatives that want to see improved communication skills, creativity, and problem solving skills.

More secrets revealed later on how to become a magician!