Blue & Gold Banquet Magic

Jan-March is the time of the year that cub scouts, Webelo’s, & boy scouts all celebrate and hold their award banquet know as a Blue & Gold Banquet. The challenge pack leaders run into is how to keep 25-50 scouts and their families all entertained and engaged? A magician is the perfect choice to help make the banquet, more fun, energized, and engaging.

A magician with experience in family and children events is the key to a good program. If budgets allow he/she might even have a customized show for scouting. The scouts are at the banquet to accept their badges, pins, and awards…but a magician is an award for all the scouts yearly achievements!

Parents work hard getting their children to the meetings and working on merits to earn their badges; cooking, safety, camping, the list is endless. And at Blue & Gold banquets everyone contributes by bringing some food to share; a pot luck dinner. (My favorite part)

I like to warm the family’s and scouts up to me by doing a quick illusion at each dinner table. Imagine, a magician going table to table adding some fun surprises like pulling silver from a fork. Or bending a fork and then making it magically unbend! A good magician will add surprise elements to a Blue and Gold banquet even before the big show.

If you are looking for ideas for your 2020 Blue & Gold banquet or want to have me check my availability for your pack’s special event visit:

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