Company BBQ's making them fun!

How to plan the best summer party

The sun is out, the grill is lit, and now you want to thank your hard working staff, perhaps clients for their business.

1st rule to party 101- have a back up plan. That might be an indoor location if it rains or a rain date. But planning that in advance and lets staff or clients know those back up plans are key.

Pick up a good grill book, ask around the office who is good on the grill and pick the best one that is willing to put a hour or two in. Make the good alittle more exciting by offering an exotic recipe, or some unusual toppings.

Is there a theme? A company’s anniversary or an annual company BBQ, picnic, lobster bake…make it fun.

Add some door prizes, fun entertainment (which an illusionist would be a great addition to your back up plan…rain or shine!)

Pick a date and start the grill…I look forward to seeing many of you this summer:)

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