Festival Fun- add entertainment

Festivals happen in the summer and fall for all kinds of events; like town celebrations, schools end of school or fall festivals, to holiday festivals. In a nutshell it’s to allow the school, community, or towns to celebrate something they are proud of or want to highlight in a positive way.

In New England, many towns have summer festivals to celebrate the communities; Windham Maine has Windham summerfest which is a 6 hour event starting with the parade, and vendors (companies) showcasing their services and products to families. Hampden, Maine focuses on the children with what is called Hampden’s Kidsfest.

Adding entertainment is the best way to attract families to the event. Entertainment often includes the local gymnastics team, karate/martial arts demos, to dance clubs. However, professional entertainment is a must to make it more than just showing up to support your son/daughter’s activity. Many festivals hire Abracadabra Productions to entertain with either roaming/strolling illusions and/or a SHOW. The parades benefit like Windham Summerfest by hiring Abracadabra Productions to work the parade crowds as they wait for the parade to start and come down their way ( making the wait fun is something I specialize in!)

SHOWs can be the draw to bring in families from animal acts like Spark’s art in Maine to clowns, bands, and of course magic! A specified time let’s families plan if they want to see a specific performer show up for their showtime and enjoy (and of course while there enjoy other activities, food vendors, etc…)

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