Graduation parties-making them magical

Wow, you’re son or daughter is graduating. You want to celebrate and make it fun. How do you make it fun? You hire, master magician, Phil Smith to increase the FUN FACTOR!

TIps to relax and enjoy your son or daughter’s big day:
Hire a caterer…be a guest at your own party, not running around serving everyone. Or keep it simple w/ BBQ. Maybe one of your friends or relatives can serve the beverages, to take one of the jobs away so you can enjoy the party.

Put some music on to create a festive mood. Keep it simple again, either hire a DJ or pre-record a mix of music for all ages.

Last, make it fun, exciting, and uniqe by adding sleight-of-hand, mind reading, and comedy while I mingle with your son/daughter and all their guests!

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