Halloween- It's spooky Fun!

Halloween is a time for ghost, witches, goblins, wizards (Yes, Harry Potter), and magicians! I was reminded how much magic really goes with Halloween
as I drove through Salem, MA yesterday for a birthday party! Most of the stores even had magical or witch names to them:)

Halloween parties put on by the community fire departments to private neighborhood parties all need an element of fun to engage children or adults alike.
A roaming magician/mind reader is the perfect addition to and adult Halloween party. A few brief moments of stunning illusions performed right under their noses is just the ticket into transforming your party into something special and unforgettable.

For children, the games could even be of a magical nature…pin the wand on the wizard’s hand, buy little magic tricks at the local book store, party store,
or better yet hire a professional magician to come in and teach the children a magic trick!

For more creative Halloween party ideas..call Abracadabra Productions at 1-800-964-8749.

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