Halloween & Magic entertainment (2 things that go together.)

Some things naturally go together like peanut butter and jelly; cake and birthdays, and magic(ians) and Halloween! Magic is a natural because it started out as Trick or Treat (trick is in the phrase kids all say while dressing up in costumes on the hunt for free candy.)

Who doesn’t remember dressing up and trying to bob for apples, eating candy corn, or trying to win the best costume at your school Halloween party?:) Witches and Warlocks create magic so the symbol of magic is a big part of the fun for those of us just looking for candy and fun. Clowns sometimes can be scary for young children, but magicians and magic seem to have a universal attraction for all ages. That is because as kids we all believed in magic and as adults we are trying to get that sense of wonder to return and magicians can help all ages experience that feeling of amazement once again!!

Schools are often celebrating a fall Harvest/Halloween party which often includes scheduling a magician to delight families attending the fall event. At one of the many Maine schools I’ve worked for Halloween events I love when they hire me for roaming/strolling so it gives that element of surprise (especially for the parents who were just tagging along.) Mind Reading/Mentalism is the closest thing to real magic so adults and teachers are often left speechless when a magician/Mentalist does something that lets them know we know what they are thinking:)

Restaurants are another natural for Halloween; I typically perform for Ricetta’s Pizza and Frog and Turtle for Halloween events; in both scenarios there is some mini shows happening at each table to table so parents and children alike are ready to be spooked in a fun way via magic happening right before their eyes! Sometimes the stories are even relating to ghost and goblins (to keep with the Halloween theme.)

If you are planning a Halloween celebration for friends or an establishment visit my site and then send me an email regarding your event and together we will make it more ‘magical’ and spooky! visit: Abracadabra Productions

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