Teaching the secrets of ‘the art of magic!’

How young should children be to start learning magic illusions and the ‘art of magic?’   Children are very creative in terms of not filtering thoughts and ideas as much as adults do.  So when you present a challenge to children they are not canceling out ideas before suggesting or trying them out.

I’ve taught magic to kids for more than 26 years in park & recreation programs, jewish community programs, to birthday parties that include teaching a magic illusion.  For more than 20 years I taught at a wonderful summer program run called the Festival of Creative Youths.  This was a 3 week course of magic meeting once a day Monday-Fridays and the 3rd week…the students presented a magic show for their parents.  For seven years Bernard Blais and myself have taught a magic camp for ages 6 to 16 year olds.   The younger kids may need more play time, but often are more excited about their skill as they grasp the hand /eye coordination to achieve a good level of skill.

We are coming up to our 8th year in just a few weeks.  This is our 3rd year of running 2 weeks; the 3rd week of July (19th-23rd) and 2nd week of Aug. (9th- 13th).   Each kid tends to come out of the camp with increasing one or more levels of communications skills, hand/eye coordination, confidence, public speaking skills, creative brainstorming, and learning how to keep a secret:)

There are a few spots open in both weeks so if you have a son/daughter, grandchild, or neice/nephew that would like to participate in a cool camp contact me for more info.

Magically yours,

Phil Smith


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