Holiday parties making them creative!

Holiday Parties are a terrific way to thank co-workers and clients for their hard work and business throughout the year.

How do you make it more than just another party?Food, Location, and entertainment are the main ingredients. If you are having food is it a focus? Casual or elegant and gourmet? Maybe having many different appetitizers is one creative way to go. Having the catererer offer some sample menus; maybe steak, chicken, and fish are offered but to jazz it up different dipping sauces are whipped up.

Location, location, location…a glamorous banquet facility, or creative spin like a museum (antique cars, science, etc…) The banquet location can be decorated to a theme (Hawiian, winter, etc)

Last, and maybe most important entertainment that is memorable. Music will it be background or dancing? What about a creative opening to your cocktail social hours by having a magician roam/stroll and mingle with your employees and clients?! Or a fun after dinner performance of magic and comedy?!

Whatever you do make it memorable!

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