Learning Skills …works like magic!

As parents we are always looking for new skills, building blocks that we can help our children learn and master.
We want a mix of challenging skills, educational values, and fun during and throughout the process!

Finding a common mix of all 3 is difficult, but not impossible…maybe we just need a little magic! 🙂 Enter Wizard’s Workshop to help your child
grow in many different skill sets that can be carried over to school and life!

Wizard’s Workshop is a magic camp that focuses on increasing creativity, improving public speaking, hand/eye coordination, and people skills! All of
these are achieved, worked on,experimented on through magic tricks and illusions. Magic is the fun tool that is used to harness all the other skill

One illusion might challenge each student in different ways; for example, making a coin disappear can be a challenging skill using sleight-of-hand
which then combines the hands and eyes to work in unison so the illusion is camouflaged. One student might find this easier, but then speak to quietly so no one can hear him or her…so I might add the elements of storytelling to get them excited about the story which then they are more focused on their pitch, projections, and pacing/rhythm.

Are your children looking to learn a new skill that you and they both love? check out www.wizardworkshop.net

For more info call Phil Smith at 207-797-7800.

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