Magic Camp for budding magicians!

What child has not been fascinated with magic; from a coin being pulled from their ear, to learning their very own card trick. Magic had been a secretive art passed down from pro to practitioner for over 100 years. When I was growing up a magazine became available on the newsstand called ‘ the Magic Magazine.’ I remember hearing pros where so against the magazine because allow with great articles, advice, it introduced newer magicians like myself to some really great magic tricks to learn.

Learning any art form can be challenging especially without a mentor/teacher. That is where I have been stepping into those shoes to teach and pass on good advice to budding magicians. More than 30 years now I have been teaching ‘the Art of Magic’ to children at Park & Rec. programs, Jewish Community Centers, a Festival of Creative Youth, and for the past 16 years ‘Wizard’s Workshop’ which both myself and Bernard Blais co-founded.

Learning magic can come from a book, YOUTUBE, another peer, but the most effective way is to have a teacher/instructor like myself that has studied it for so many years and has taught magic lessons and workshops to thousands of children. I know how to encourage students to grow, to achieve even more than they thought they could do, and what to work on to improve the illusions they are practicing!

At Wizard’s Workshop I help beginners, and intermediate young magicians grown in their skills. Those with some more advanced sleight-of-hand I might have them focus on adding an engaging story, speak louder via theater exercises, and for those beginning magic opens up a whole new world of fun and friends!

Magic camp for kids

To join Wizard’s Workshop 2020 … visit and go to ‘Just for kids’ drop down menu and visit and register your child/grand child.

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