Magic Kits are the start to something exciting for kids!

Remember when you were a kid and it was your birthday or Christmas and you opened a box that had all these amazing skills you could learn?   A red ball could travel invisibly back to an oriental looking vase, or a rope could only come out on your command, or 101 card tricks with a regular deck of cards!   After a while you didn’t have someone to share that enthusiasm with or perform for (mom and dad can only pick a card so many times:))

Imagine, a class full of young magicians just like your child, grandchild, niece or nephew learning and coming home excited to show you all the new illusions they learned at a cool camp ‘Wizard’s Workshop’ which is a Maine Magic camp.   Your child can share their ideas, enthusiasm, and challenges with others just like them learning the ‘art of magic.’   And who doesn’t like that feeling of being a kid again when you experienced things with wonder and not disbelief.

Sharing your skills, and new found joy with others learning the same craft is happening July 18th-22nd in Portland, Maine!  Imagine your child is one of 20 or less children receiving hands on training by an expert professional magician!  Come see why in our 13th year we still have many returning campers from numerous seasons.

For more info visit :   or e-mail for more info.

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