Planning the company holiday party

When do you start planning the holiday/Christmas party? How important is planning? Think aboutthe project you and your team are working on…did that get accomplished in 1 day, most often it took planning, time, and research. Parties are the same…what location are you considering? What date is the office party? What will you have for entertainment? Are families included at the holiday office party?

Location is important because you have to factor into your choices where are the majority of your co-workers driving from? Does the company want to hold it at a restaurant? A hotel so employees have the option of staying overnight if they choose to. Perhaps, it is on site like an after work hours party. Mercury Computer Systems in Massachusetts holds their Santa party for employee’s families after hours on a weeknight. I had the pleasure of enhancing the fun factor for kids of all ages.
Next and perhaps even more important is the date…so the majority of employees can join in the fun. And if going off site finding a facility that fits into your needs, theme, will take some advanced planning to make sure the date you are hoping for is available. And entertainers definitely come under that thought process too. If you want a particular entertainer (band, comedian, or magician) you need to reserve their services early in the year so you can have top notch entertainment to enhance the party and festivities!
A rule of thumb is if your party is on a Friday or Saturday night and you want high quality entertainment you should be booking your entertainment by end of summer or sooner to make sure you are getting your 1st choice for a band, cocktail/social hour magician, etc… otherwise you truly run the risk of getting a 3rd or 4th choice which might not leave the impression you are really aiming to achieve.
Is planning important for your holiday party? For more info, ideas to increase the fun level of your company holiday party in 2012…call Abracadabra Productions at 1-800-964-8749.

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