Project Graduations- a night of magic

High School ‘Project Graduations’ are (chem free nights) for seniors that just graduated. They are excited, full of energy, and New England schools are giving them a place to celebrate safely!!

Finding fun venues include: tennis clubs, YMCA’s, & college universities (which often include pools, gyms, and physical activities).
More unique ideas include bowling areanas, cruises, comedy clubs, etc…

Often, the entertainment includes a hypnotist/comedian and a magician …in several schools all three entertainers. Live entertainment gives the students a chance to be a part of a professional show; entertainers that have spent years and even life times creating fun programs that your typical seniors haven’t seen!

At wee hours of the night the graduates need excitement to pick up their energy level, add excitement, and create a memorable experience! Strolling Miracles (roaming magic) allows me to personally connect with students in a unique way. The magic is interactive, engages them as an active participant, and it happens in their hands!!!

In 2012 plan exciting interactive entertainers like Abracadabra Productions will provide!

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