Project Graduations- Entertainment that's interactive!

How do you know what kinds of activities and entertainment to choose for the seniors at their high school chem free party? A mixture of both is often a great solution.
Some activities that allow the graduates to interact with each other thru games, inflatables, etc… and entertainers. You want to have some professional
entertainers so the kids can kick back and enjoy the fun (it’s a long night.)
Make sure the entertainers you are considering have videos of them with the seniors; and then compare those with others w/ videos and go with the best reactions and skill/entertainment value!
Shows that are interactive are best…like a hypnotist or magician. However, with my 20 plus years of dazzling seniors at their project graduations the Strolling Miracles (roaming style) is the best fit! It’s extemely interactive, allows students to come and go as long as they want to participate! I move to groups of seniors waiting in lines (for massage, tarot readings, and food) and dazzle them until time flyes while they are having fun!!
For project graduations still looking for ideas for 2012 call me at 1-800-964-8749.

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