Promotional Products that work like Magic!

Why do companies distribute pens, coffee mugs, calendars, their clients and potential clients?

It’s marketing 101 🙂 Your contact info (if you’re on the ball) is right in front of them for weeks to as much as a full year.

How do you choose an item that clients will use?  Ask experts like Peter Bunker of Shads advertising or Peggy Ingram of Maine Coast Marketing.

Peter helps clients figure out who e-mails or calls you and then offers solutions that will be useful and keep you in front of them.

Peggy helps clients get their company logo expertly reproduced on clothing.

Here are fun ways I’ve incorporated promo items into performances:)

Weddings Expo’s– Stress balls..” Let us help make your reception stress free!”
Children’s Fairs/Expos– Toy Tops.
Grand Openings– For Dunkin Donuts using their munchkins in the performances for customers to make disappear!

Choose items that will keep you in front of your customers!



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