Scouting Blue & Gold Banquetss

Once a year around the months of February & March scout dens and packs celebrate their awards and achievements that individual scouts have earned by completing goals for each badge.
It’s a great time to see what other scouts are doing, share stories, and perhaps get involved to help your child and others learn different activities, games, and fun times.

There is no better way to celebrate than to have a magician come in and add to the festivities! Families share their potluck dinners, scouts are running around the gym, church, etc… A professional magician can settle them all down, add to the program, and maybe even educate the scouts
on some of the topics they have been learning all year: Teamwork, trust, BE PREPARED, etc…

Magic is a natural fit for families and scouts while celebrating their special event. I have had the pleasure of competing against my rabbit on the theme BEING PREPARED, had scouts work on juggling via teamwork, and lots of other surprises that I would love to share with your next Blue & Gold banquet in 2018.

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