Thanking your employees- this Holiday season!

A company’s best resource is their employees! The knowledge, skills, and work ethics they bring to the workplace creates a stronger company.
During the holidays is the perfect time to thank them for all their hard work. The question becomes how might you thank them?

Use your creativity and perhaps do the 12 days of Christmas theme and give the office 12 days in Dec. gift certificates to their favorite coffee
house, have breakfast catered, perhaps give them a half day off, and have some entertainment brought in to liven up the office party.

I’ve seen offices bring in carolers (professionals is the best route), comedians, I’ve worked hundreds of holiday office parties to add the ‘Magic of the Holidays’
while creating laughter, smiles, and fun…the best kind of gift is something the majority of your employees will appreciate and enjoy! Magic has a universal
appeal so why not add a little holiday magic this 2012 for your employees!
For more info
Call Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions to add him to your office party this 2012 season at -1-800-964-8749.

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