Magic training camp – 'The fun of wonder!'

For young kids many things seem ‘magical’, from planes flying in the air, flowers growing each season, to their parents or grandparents pulling a coin from their ear!

Learning should be fun, and now add to the mix a topic that all kids (boys & girls) love…MAGIC!

What makes leaning magic fun? Many reasons I’ll just go into a couple… the feeling of knowing a secret and performing that secret in a way that is fun, engaging, and often brings the sound of laughter and or clapping. That’s a pretty powerful motivator:)

Second, that same motivation to learn something others don’t know without studying and learning the craft has been utilized by many as therapy. Patients who were in accidents an needed physical therapy to strengthen and move muscles that they were having challenges using turn to magic as a therapy tool for teaching the fingers, hands, etc… to move again!

And just for the fun of performing, magic is a tool that brings the desire to learn, grow, and shine out of kids of all ages.

For more info on learning magic for children between 6-16 this July visit or call 1-800-964-8749.

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