Graduation Parties- make them magical!

It’s a big moment in their lives, your sons or daughters have just graduated high school or even college. You want to celebrate that moment with them; so it’s a party.

Do you make a theme to the party; for example a Hawaiian theme with lei’s, pineapple drinks, etc… or keep it simple with a BBQ? It all depends on your mood and time.

Food can be tied into the theme; chicken on the grill, burgers, or Hawaiian pizza:)

When it comes to entertaining the seniors or college graduates you want something everyone loves… a magician! Not a kid’s magician pulling bunnies from a hat, but a magician who works their high school events and relates to them. I’m talking about a sleight-of-hand illusionist!

An illusionist that will roam and mingle with your guests, while dazzling graduates with jaw dropping illusions of the mind or even in your hands!!!

For more ideas visit: or call 1-800-964-8749.

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