Teaching an old rabbit new tricks! (Kids learning magic tricks!)

Learning the ‘art of magic’ used to be pasted down from magician to magician, if you didn’t already have knowledge & skills you could not
find someone in the know to share info, ideas, and tricks with you.

Today’s generation is quick to learn on Youtube a trick or two. The plus to that is its instantaneous, the downside is you might be learning/watching someone who isn’t a good instructor/teacher. Or worse they teach incorrectly and you learn/practice the wrong techniques and now have to unlearn all the bad habits!

Learning any new skill or technique requires a good coach. Someone who not only can perform it properly, but can help other children learning the craft/sport, etc…how to improve upon what they are doing. A coach/instructor can make suggestions, offer creative ideas to improve their skills, knowledge, etc… that you can’t gain from just watching a video. Children need that feedback that directly corresponds to what they are particularly doing well, or need to change so they can perform it well!

For more information on learning magic at a magic camp.. call 1-800-964-8749 or visit: www.wizardworkshop.net

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