One of the most important parts of your wedding

Wedding vendors and professionals come in different shapes and sizes (experience, pricing, knowledge, etc..) One of the most important vendors you can hire is your photographer! Why, because its the memories solidified in a form (a picture) that captures those special moments; the looks, the fun, and something you’ll want to remember for the rest of your lives. I interviewed one of Maine’s top photographers and hopefully asked some
good questions you’d want them to answer for you.

Why should someone hire you & Nadra over other photographers? The people who hire us again and again are the ones who are planning a Maine destination wedding and they want to feel confident that they are hiring a competent professional — someone they can trust to not miss a moment and capture them authentically, someone who will make them relax and feel comfortable to be themselves in front of the camera, someone who will guide them to stand in such a way that is natural, and believable. But most importantly, the folks who hire us are people who really value photography and they want more than just a photographer, they want an artist who will create images that are thoughtfully and beautifully centered on them and their closest relationships.

What would you say to brides/grooms that say …oh we’ll leave disposable cameras on each table & no pro? We’d say, good luck! In all seriousness though, there will be a lot of things at your wedding that will probably go “wrong” or not according to plan that you can look back and laugh at later, but one thing you can’t laugh at after the fact is your wedding photography. If you hate your wedding photography, that is a sad thing indeed. According to a recent study, the number one regret brides have after the wedding? Not spending more on their photographer. True fact!

What should brides/grooms ask for when choosing a photographer? We think it’s important to see a sample from an entire wedding, and not just the highlights. Look for consistency in lighting, composition, and quality throughout. But probably the most important thing is to look at the images and ask, “Can I see myself in these images? Does it feel like me? Does the posing look believable, or is it fake? What about my closest relationships? Are they documented in the images, or is mostly just photos of the bride and groom, and all of the details? We think asking these questions will get you off to a good start!

I’m sure I’m just scratched the surface on questions and requests to ask Leigh & Nadra…visit their site for more info here:

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