Children learn differently

Do you realize different children learn differently? They Do! Some children learn from reading, some from listening/hearing,
other’s from visual, and other still from participation (hands on involvement.)
Why is it important to know how you child learns? Because once you know what helps them learn you can help exhilarate their knowledge and grow in skills, information, & knowledge.

If your child is a auditory learner- then a camp/activity that is more lecture based will delight them Maybe a library/book club camp. If your son or daughter is a visual learner then watching/observing a sport camps like hockey is a great way to see how others play and emulate their skills on ice. If your child learns best through participation/hands on art or perhaps magic camp would be an ideal fit.

In the magic camp I teach… each student has many opportunities to learn it hands on after watching me demonstrate the illusion. With props in hands they go to work, and most importantly for hands on learners, they later participate up in front of their peers (many steps of hands on during the learning of each magic trick!)

Do you have a child or 2 that learns best from participation? Take a peek at for an exciting learning experience that will entice their hands, eyes, and minds all into a singular performance.

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