Wedding Magic

Planning your wedding is challenging, because it’s your big day and you want it perfect. A wedding magician working the cocktail hour is the perfect start to your reception. I often work the cocktail hour(s) at wedding receptions to help couples relax as they take all the time they need to get the bridal photos correct at the ceremony spot/venue. Most couples worry about getting back to their reception where their family and guests are waiting for you (I know I did when I got married.) Imagine, instead you have some time to sip some champagne in the limo with the bridal party because you know when you arrive your family and friends will be laughing, and talking about the amazing wedding magician they experienced up-close. In fact, they are having so much fun they didn’t know till the DJ announces you that you arrived.

A great wedding magician knows how to work a room. At a very recent reception in Portsmouth, NH I was performing at one of the challenges is working your way into the middle of conversations; it takes talent, psychology (reading the table correctly), and charm. I like to connect with everyone so they can all see I am part of the fun the couple has scheduled to make the reception even more fun! Humor goes along way into ‘breaking the ice’ and gaining the groups attention for that first miracle I perform; after that I read the table to gauge how into magic and me they are. If I notice a table is really into it I will perform an extra illusion or two! If I can see this might not be their favorite thing to enjoy right now I move on after just 1 illusion leaving them wanting more for another time.

Working the dinner is another art in and of itself (timing to be at tables that are waiting for their salad course while other tables are being served.

For more ideas on having a magician at your wedding visit: Abracadabra Productions

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