Weddings- the Rehearsal Dinner, it’s about connections!

So much planning goes into the day of event; location usually many months to even 2 years booked ahead of the wedding date. The flowers (meeting with your florist so they can help you bring about your colors, style and vision. The food (at hotel/destination) or professional caterer help plan the perfect meal, etc…

The rehearsal dinner is all about connections; family and friends that perhaps have not met till this event. What kind of planning has gone into the rehearsal dinner? Of course it depends on budgets, themes, etc… Last year one of the rehearsal dinners I performed at was on the beautiful location in Sebago, Maine -the Autumn Lane estates. The mother of the bride had hired me almost 9 months prior to that evening because she wanted something fun to bring the 2 different families and friends together. “Magic has a way of bringing people together!

The rehearsal dinner had lots of activities, a scavenger hunt, a special cocktail tasting, and ice cream truck, amazing food (professionally catered) and my entertainment to be a part of that connecting people. Bringing up the bride and groom and several of the wedding party throughout the show to participate and become part of the experience is one of the many ways magic can enhance connections via fun memories!

When you start planning your special day don’t forget to plan fun events to connect your 2 families together like a professional magic show.

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