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Scouting Blue & Gold Banquetss

Once a year around the months of February & March scout dens and packs celebrate their awards and achievements that individual scouts have earned by completing goals for each badge. It’s a great time to see what other scouts are doing, share stories, and perhaps get involved to help your child and others learn different […]

Graduation Parties- magically make them memorable !

It’s that time of year again, Spring is in the air, schools are coming to and end for summer and many students will be graduating high school and college. Your throwing them a party;  guest list, food (maybe catered so you can enjoy the party too), and then what?   How about something that make […]

Magic Kits are the start to something exciting for kids!

Remember when you were a kid and it was your birthday or Christmas and you opened a box that had all these amazing skills you could learn?   A red ball could travel invisibly back to an oriental looking vase, or a rope could only come out on your command, or 101 card tricks with […]

Mentors- how important they are for students/ children

What is a mentor and why are they important?   In a world where children and adults are YouTube instructions, it’s a great starting point.  However, it’s just that a starting point.   When trying to learn magic tricks… you can watch and emulate another YouTube magician/trick, but you may be learning bad habits that are […]


About Phil Smith the Magician…. the Illusionist…. the Comedian…. ♥ The ‘magic bug’ bit Phil when he received a magic kit for Christmas at the age of 10. Phil’s skills grew as he studied the all time great magicians such as Houdini, and trained with each free moment. He began a magic club with Woody […]

One of the most important parts of your wedding

Wedding vendors and professionals come in different shapes and sizes (experience, pricing, knowledge, etc..) One of the most important vendors you can hire is your photographer! Why, because its the memories solidified in a form (a picture) that captures those special moments; the looks, the fun, and something you’ll want to remember for the rest […]

Children learn differently

Do you realize different children learn differently? They Do! Some children learn from reading, some from listening/hearing, other’s from visual, and other still from participation (hands on involvement.) Why is it important to know how you child learns? Because once you know what helps them learn you can help exhilarate their knowledge and grow in […]

Teaching an old rabbit new tricks! (Kids learning magic tricks!)

Learning the ‘art of magic’ used to be pasted down from magician to magician, if you didn’t already have knowledge & skills you could not find someone in the know to share info, ideas, and tricks with you. Today’s generation is quick to learn on Youtube a trick or two. The plus to that is […]

Magic training camp – 'The fun of wonder!'

For young kids many things seem ‘magical’, from planes flying in the air, flowers growing each season, to their parents or grandparents pulling a coin from their ear! Learning should be fun, and now add to the mix a topic that all kids (boys & girls) love…MAGIC! What makes leaning magic fun? Many reasons I’ll […]

Graduation Parties- make them magical!

It’s a big moment in their lives, your sons or daughters have just graduated high school or even college. You want to celebrate that moment with them; so it’s a party. Do you make a theme to the party; for example a Hawaiian theme with lei’s, pineapple drinks, etc… or keep it simple with a […]