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Graduation Parties- magically make them memorable !

It’s that time of year again, Spring is in the air, schools are coming to and end for summer and many students will be graduating high school and college.

Your throwing them a party;  guest list, food (maybe catered so you can enjoy the party too), and then what?   How about something that make the party more than just another gathering… what about a magician roaming/strolling and mingling with the graduate, friends and family.   Imagine as your making a beer disappear and the magician comes up and makes a silver dollar appear from your beer bottle, or a selected card is found by one of our five senses, these are just a few scenarios of how a Strolling Magician can enhance the festivities and make your graduation party something everyone will remember for years to come.

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Magic Kits are the start to something exciting for kids!

Remember when you were a kid and it was your birthday or Christmas and you opened a box that had all these amazing skills you could learn?   A red ball could travel invisibly back to an oriental looking vase, or a rope could only come out on your command, or 101 card tricks with a regular deck of cards!   After a while you didn’t have someone to share that enthusiasm with or perform for (mom and dad can only pick a card so many times:))

Imagine, a class full of young magicians just like your child, grandchild, niece or nephew learning and coming home excited to show you all the new illusions they learned at a cool camp ‘Wizard’s Workshop’ which is a Maine Magic camp.   Your child can share their ideas, enthusiasm, and challenges with others just like them learning the ‘art of magic.’   And who doesn’t like that feeling of being a kid again when you experienced things with wonder and not disbelief.

Sharing your skills, and new found joy with others learning the same craft is happening July 18th-22nd in Portland, Maine!  Imagine your child is one of 20 or less children receiving hands on training by an expert professional magician!  Come see why in our 13th year we still have many returning campers from numerous seasons.

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Mentors- how important they are for students/ children

What is a mentor and why are they important?   In a world where children and adults are YouTube instructions, it’s a great starting point.  However, it’s just that a starting point.   When trying to learn magic tricks… you can watch and emulate another YouTube magician/trick, but you may be learning bad habits that are tough to shake off.

A mentor/expert (think of Professor Albus Dumbledore for Harry Potter) teaches the student timing, pacing, angles, and a multitude of other super important elements to make a magic trick work correctly when performing for an audience.

Someone to point out that the affect will be stronger if they slow down the pacing of an illusion can really add to the impact of the magic results!  Magic is a performing art, so having a keen eye watching and suggesting what you are doing right and encourages those strengths and then pointing out areas that need more of their time and attention is super valuable.

I teach a magic camp in Portland, Maine, but have students from all over come to join in the fun, from beginners of all ages (6-16) to those who have experience and skill but learn valuable lessons that you can’t find in a YouTube video:)   Personal instruction is still the best way to learn a skill, art, or hobby.

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the Magician….
the Illusionist….
the Comedian….

♥ The ‘magic bug’ bit Phil when he received a magic kit for Christmas at the age of 10. Phil’s skills grew as he studied the all time great magicians such as Houdini, and trained with each free moment. He began a magic club with Woody Woodward.


♣ Phil received a BA in theatre and trained with visual comedian/juggler, Randy Judkins in Mime and juggling. He worked his first venues at church socials and birthday parties. Young children, families, and adults have been delighted with his shows. He has been making great memories that last lifetimes.
♦ Shows have included energetic performances at peoples’ homes and at LLBean, Portland Pirates Stadium, Maine Mall, and the Portland Sea Dogs Field. Further, he has been creating magical experiences by performing at wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners.


♠ After training with world renowned magician, Jeff McBride, and many other stars, Smith went on to win Best Magician in Maine, several times. Phil has been combining expert sleight-of-hand skills with mime, clowning, juggling, and slapstick humor for many years. It all adds up to fun energetic performances for Phil’s audiences.


In you’re interested in hiring a magician, illusionist and comedian in
New Hampshire or
Massachusetts; that will awe your
guest and delight both young and old, Phil Smith is your guy.

Phil is available for all events including:



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One of the most important parts of your wedding

Wedding vendors and professionals come in different shapes and sizes (experience, pricing, knowledge, etc..) One of the most important vendors you can hire is your photographer! Why, because its the memories solidified in a form (a picture) that captures those special moments; the looks, the fun, and something you’ll want to remember for the rest of your lives. I interviewed one of Maine’s top photographers and hopefully asked some
good questions you’d want them to answer for you.

Why should someone hire you & Nadra over other photographers? The people who hire us again and again are the ones who are planning a Maine destination wedding and they want to feel confident that they are hiring a competent professional — someone they can trust to not miss a moment and capture them authentically, someone who will make them relax and feel comfortable to be themselves in front of the camera, someone who will guide them to stand in such a way that is natural, and believable. But most importantly, the folks who hire us are people who really value photography and they want more than just a photographer, they want an artist who will create images that are thoughtfully and beautifully centered on them and their closest relationships.

What would you say to brides/grooms that say …oh we’ll leave disposable cameras on each table & no pro? We’d say, good luck! In all seriousness though, there will be a lot of things at your wedding that will probably go “wrong” or not according to plan that you can look back and laugh at later, but one thing you can’t laugh at after the fact is your wedding photography. If you hate your wedding photography, that is a sad thing indeed. According to a recent study, the number one regret brides have after the wedding? Not spending more on their photographer. True fact!

What should brides/grooms ask for when choosing a photographer? We think it’s important to see a sample from an entire wedding, and not just the highlights. Look for consistency in lighting, composition, and quality throughout. But probably the most important thing is to look at the images and ask, “Can I see myself in these images? Does it feel like me? Does the posing look believable, or is it fake? What about my closest relationships? Are they documented in the images, or is mostly just photos of the bride and groom, and all of the details? We think asking these questions will get you off to a good start!

I’m sure I’m just scratched the surface on questions and requests to ask Leigh & Nadra…visit their site for more info here:

Children learn differently

Do you realize different children learn differently? They Do! Some children learn from reading, some from listening/hearing,
other’s from visual, and other still from participation (hands on involvement.)
Why is it important to know how you child learns? Because once you know what helps them learn you can help exhilarate their knowledge and grow in skills, information, & knowledge.

If your child is a auditory learner- then a camp/activity that is more lecture based will delight them Maybe a library/book club camp. If your son or daughter is a visual learner then watching/observing a sport camps like hockey is a great way to see how others play and emulate their skills on ice. If your child learns best through participation/hands on art or perhaps magic camp would be an ideal fit.

In the magic camp I teach… each student has many opportunities to learn it hands on after watching me demonstrate the illusion. With props in hands they go to work, and most importantly for hands on learners, they later participate up in front of their peers (many steps of hands on during the learning of each magic trick!)

Do you have a child or 2 that learns best from participation? Take a peek at for an exciting learning experience that will entice their hands, eyes, and minds all into a singular performance.

Teaching an old rabbit new tricks! (Kids learning magic tricks!)

Learning the ‘art of magic’ used to be pasted down from magician to magician, if you didn’t already have knowledge & skills you could not
find someone in the know to share info, ideas, and tricks with you.

Today’s generation is quick to learn on Youtube a trick or two. The plus to that is its instantaneous, the downside is you might be learning/watching someone who isn’t a good instructor/teacher. Or worse they teach incorrectly and you learn/practice the wrong techniques and now have to unlearn all the bad habits!

Learning any new skill or technique requires a good coach. Someone who not only can perform it properly, but can help other children learning the craft/sport, etc…how to improve upon what they are doing. A coach/instructor can make suggestions, offer creative ideas to improve their skills, knowledge, etc… that you can’t gain from just watching a video. Children need that feedback that directly corresponds to what they are particularly doing well, or need to change so they can perform it well!

For more information on learning magic at a magic camp.. call 1-800-964-8749 or visit:

Magic training camp – 'The fun of wonder!'

For young kids many things seem ‘magical’, from planes flying in the air, flowers growing each season, to their parents or grandparents pulling a coin from their ear!

Learning should be fun, and now add to the mix a topic that all kids (boys & girls) love…MAGIC!

What makes leaning magic fun? Many reasons I’ll just go into a couple… the feeling of knowing a secret and performing that secret in a way that is fun, engaging, and often brings the sound of laughter and or clapping. That’s a pretty powerful motivator:)

Second, that same motivation to learn something others don’t know without studying and learning the craft has been utilized by many as therapy. Patients who were in accidents an needed physical therapy to strengthen and move muscles that they were having challenges using turn to magic as a therapy tool for teaching the fingers, hands, etc… to move again!

And just for the fun of performing, magic is a tool that brings the desire to learn, grow, and shine out of kids of all ages.

For more info on learning magic for children between 6-16 this July visit or call 1-800-964-8749.

Graduation Parties- make them magical!

It’s a big moment in their lives, your sons or daughters have just graduated high school or even college. You want to celebrate that moment with them; so it’s a party.

Do you make a theme to the party; for example a Hawaiian theme with lei’s, pineapple drinks, etc… or keep it simple with a BBQ? It all depends on your mood and time.

Food can be tied into the theme; chicken on the grill, burgers, or Hawaiian pizza:)

When it comes to entertaining the seniors or college graduates you want something everyone loves… a magician! Not a kid’s magician pulling bunnies from a hat, but a magician who works their high school events and relates to them. I’m talking about a sleight-of-hand illusionist!

An illusionist that will roam and mingle with your guests, while dazzling graduates with jaw dropping illusions of the mind or even in your hands!!!

For more ideas visit: or call 1-800-964-8749.

Learning Skills …works like magic!

As parents we are always looking for new skills, building blocks that we can help our children learn and master.
We want a mix of challenging skills, educational values, and fun during and throughout the process!

Finding a common mix of all 3 is difficult, but not impossible…maybe we just need a little magic! 🙂 Enter Wizard’s Workshop to help your child
grow in many different skill sets that can be carried over to school and life!

Wizard’s Workshop is a magic camp that focuses on increasing creativity, improving public speaking, hand/eye coordination, and people skills! All of
these are achieved, worked on,experimented on through magic tricks and illusions. Magic is the fun tool that is used to harness all the other skill

One illusion might challenge each student in different ways; for example, making a coin disappear can be a challenging skill using sleight-of-hand
which then combines the hands and eyes to work in unison so the illusion is camouflaged. One student might find this easier, but then speak to quietly so no one can hear him or her…so I might add the elements of storytelling to get them excited about the story which then they are more focused on their pitch, projections, and pacing/rhythm.

Are your children looking to learn a new skill that you and they both love? check out

For more info call Phil Smith at 207-797-7800.